Meet Kelease Constable; The Two Year Old Fashionista From Jamaica


Kelease Constable Known by many on social media as Kel Gorgeous is a Female Fashionista who lives in Jamaica.

Kelease is a two year old girl and is the second child of her mother. Her brother who is the first child is called Blake Allen. On July 19 2018, Kelease was born in Parish of Manchester, located in the west-central of Jamaica. Kelease’s favorite food is Cheese pizza and cheese patty.

Currently, Kel Gorgeous lives with her mother Gaynel Whytehead and her brother Blake Allen in Jamaica. She’s currently being home schooled but she is ready to start a private school in September. That is, a few months from now.

At the age of two (2) years, Kelease Constable the female Jamaican Fashionista have been able to earn herself a partnership with one of the biggest fashion brand known in the world. Yes Kel Gorgeous is an ambassador for Fashionova kids, a subsidiary of Fashion Nova. A US-based fast fashion retail company with their headquarters in Los Angeles, California United States.

When asked her mother Gaynel Whytehead about how these amazing deal came about, she answered and said They contacted them. And once they head the news they were very happy. Because it was a new venture and she the mother has always liked the Fashion Nova clothing brand.

She further added that there are several brands that have contacted them to partner with Kelease Gorgeous, which they have accepted some. Gaynel Whytehead Kel’s mother added that she feels happy and proud whenever she looks at her. And she also sees a beautiful soul that shines and excel in whatever she does.

Her mother continued and said that They are always opened for a good Partnership. Because the love creating new content and meeting new people to work with.

Talking about the bright future and opportunities for Kel Gorgeous she said “ I see a successful future for kels in whatever area she wishes to venture in. She is a very smart, creative and loves to try new things. She doesn’t give up she always finds a way to get what she wants done.”

Kindly Check out her Instagram page @Kelgorgeous. And trust us that you will fall in love with Kelease Gorgeous. She’s also opened for a good Partnership. Let us know what you think about Adorable Kel Gorgeous.


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